Different Sayings.

Facing reality is not my biggest fear, masking my true self is. ‘Fantasies’ What’s your view about them? Well, I love being a part of everyone’s fantasies. That’s wild right? No, it is not, some of you might think. Fantasy always does not refer to one’s sexual desires, sometimes they simply mean the vision of […]

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Confession number 2.

Dear diary, Hello again. Everything is transient like it’s said. Everything has a reason. Everyone is a liar. Yes, this world is full of lies and liars who pretend to be the roll models for thousands. It’s been a billion times that I have come across people and eventually I have been mistaken to take […]

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Confession number 1.

Dear diary, Hello! I know this is my first ever confession to you. And I also know, you must be thinking that earlier I never ever confessed any of my feelings to you so why am I doing it now. Trust me I need to. Somehow I feel that your child like curiosity is must. […]

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Teens of 2017

Hello, to everyone out there. Today whatever I will write, it won’t be anything that I haven’t experienced. I promise. Yes, the title is something in itself only. “TEENS Of 2017.” From the title, you now know that whatever I write will definitely have to do something with the teens. It’s a topic some of […]

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That’s how we are.

“Suicide” that’s one of the most common topics on our minds, isn’t it? If you happen to be in a traumatised situation, go suicide. If you are heartbroken go suicide, if you are jobless go suicide, if you’re raped go suicide, if you’re tortured go suicide. Suicide, suicide, suicide. That’s so logical, I mean guys common […]

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Are we safe?

“Are you a rape victim?”  That’s a silly question right? So let me portray it like this, “What is a rape?” Well, these days there is a lot of awareness regarding the safety and security of women, but actually are we safe? Com’on, I am asking this question to all the beautiful ladies out there. “Are we […]

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Today was the day when they left me in a street thinking I was dead, believe me, I wanted to be. It was the time when I was badly broken and hurt. I was ruined, I was the one fed by the frenzy. I was fully Monty, I had nothing, no layers, no clothes. Feeling […]

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